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I'm J. Dennis, and I write crime fiction novels and lyrical poems. My debut novel 'The Underground' is currently being considered by publishers, and will hopefully be on the shelves by early next year. Feel free to check out some of my work =]

  The Underground: Coming Soon

Three years after surviving the London Bombings, Jordan Kennedy's life is still in pieces. His fifteen year old sister, Amy, was killed in the blasts, and Jordan has struggled to recover ever since.

With his music career only offering failure, and his long-term relationship near its peril, Jordan spirals deeper into depression. However, one evening, Jordan receives a mysterious letter from Australia. His world stops spinning as the letter is an urgent plea for help, signed by his dead sister, Amy.

A small light of hope floods in. Jordan is convinced his sister may still be alive, although his friends and family regard it as nothing but a cruel joke. Desperate for a miracle, Jordan embarks on a journey to find the truth, uncovering dark family secrets and making enemies in the process. 

If his sister truly is alive, Jordan will stop at nothing to bring her home…