The Clockwork Of A Writer's Mind

With The Enemy - Preface


I was unarmed. Over the last three months I'd become accustomed to carrying a weapon, but now that I was without it, I felt more defenceless than ever. Death was inevitable, and I was the target tonight.

Or perhaps more accurately, I was like a sitting duck in an open field, just waiting for somebody to take the first shot. The odds were against me, but I would stand and fight regardless of risks.  Truthfully, I no longer cared if I lived or died, just as long as the woman I loved was safe. She was the one in the line of fire. She was the one in danger, and I was the one who put her in that position.

As I crept down the hallway, towards the room where my lover was being held captive, I thought about all that I could have done to avoid this situation. There had been many opportunities to survive this ordeal, but because of me, the chances were long gone.

I heard voices from within the room. The blood in my veins turned to ice. I reached for the doorhandle, and as I began to turn the knob, I mentally tried to plan a negotiation. However, before I'd even opened the door an inch, somebody else grabbed me from behind, snaked an arm around my neck, and held me in a headlock.

I tried to scream, but the air could not reach my lungs. I tried to struggle free, but my body was already too weak. I'd already accepted this is how I would die, but I wanted to see my lover, just one last time. It'd been so long since I'd gazed upon her hazel eyes. 

I kept waiting for somebody to respect my last wishes, but I think my life ended from the second I heard the gunfire echo from inside the room, followed by her excruciating screams...

                                                               (C) Copyright J.Dennis 2009